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Wag N' Go Treats

Organic Long Lasting Kangaroo Rib Racks

Organic Long Lasting Kangaroo Rib Racks

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One of our newest additions to our long-lasting and natural treat collection! Our organic roo ribs are locally sourced in SE QLD and are human-grade. These are a fantastic choice for a long-lasting treat with the extra benefits for dental health!

- Excellent for dental health and chewing

- Provides entertaining mental stimulation through chewing & moderately long-lasting especially for smaller to medium dogs

- Sizes range from small to large depending on the size of your dog as well as their chewing size

- 250g & 500g packs of spare ribs coming soon!

- Healthy, human-grade low fat treat which are a perfect alternative to higher in fat meats such as beef

- The tough bone assists in removing dental plaque and tartar keeping their gum health up to speed too!

- These are not cooked, they are naturally dried at very low temperatures for multiple days to ensure safe dehydration; these will not splinter nor shatter! Don't worry!

- Meat is left on the bones to provide extra nutrients and vitamins as well as to further entice your doggo with an irresistible roo smell!

- Mix of lean & clean protein human-grade meat (organic roo meat) with the roo bones to help with teeth and gum cleaning + strengthening 

- High in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, iron, zinc and vital B-vitamins 

- High in protein & low in fat

- Remember to feed in moderation as these treatos are a bone, this is especially important

No added salt, sugar, additives or preservatives.

- 100% natural + Aussie made.

Always supervise your dog while giving bones or long-lasting treats


Ingredients: 100% human-grade & organic kangaroo rib racks 

Disclaimer - PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASE: (As with all our longest lasting chews)

If you haven't purchased kangaroo ribs for your dog before, please be extra careful and supervise while chewing. When dogs are eating chews and longer lasting treats, we always recommend supervision and monitoring to ensure that the treat is appropriate for your dog, size wise and in their chewing/jaw style. This is incredibly important. 

Some dogs can be aggressive in their chewing styles and this can cause chews, such as cow hooves among others, to splinter easier and if they are a gulper who can't wait to finish the treat this can be dangerous and a choking hazard. Most treats and chews are perfectly suitable for many if not all dogs but certain dogs and their chewing styles will need extra monitoring for cautiousness. 

While chews are fantastic treats for dogs, please always be cautious and we strongly recommend monitoring your dog when eating chews, especially if it is their first time. This applies to all of our chews and not just our cow hooves. 

Thank you for taking your time to read and we hope your pooch loves their chews and roo ribs! So let them have a go and find a nice shaded area indoor or outside to start chewing!



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Wag N' Go Dog Treats


How long do your treats last?

Most of our dehydrated treat range last up to a year when stored in a cool, dry and dark place in a sealed container or their original packaging.

However, our Furry Cow Ears do only last up to a month at room temperature due to being a natural product and we recommend freezing after that time period.

How long does shipping take?

Wag N' Go Treats normally dispatch each order within 1-2 business days after payment is made.

This means that for Standard delivery orders, it can take between 3-7 business days usually for the Australia Post. For Express delivery orders, delivery normally takes place between 1-3 business days for the Australia Post.

Although, unfortunately, during busy periods or festive seasons, such as Christmas, we cannot guarantee these estimates and orders can be delayed by an extra 2-3 business days.

Please look over our Shipping and Delivery policy for some more info.

Are all your treats natural & suitable for all dogs?


All of our dog treats are made naturally and preservative free with healthy ingredients sourced from local, Australian suppliers in Brisbane.

Further, every treat is suitable for every kind of dog! However, please keep in mind any allergies your dog may have, and read the ingredients list for every treat before purchase.

Also, our treats are made for occasional dog feeding, and cannot constitute an entire meal. Therefore, please do not overfeed your dog - no matter how cute those puppy eyes are! Over consumption of dog treats of any kind often leads to upset tummies or soft stools.