Collection: Shop Natural Aussie Dog Treats

Shop our range of delicious & yummy all natural, healthy treatos for your doggy! These are all made with free range, grass fed or organic meats and ingredients and as natural as you can get. 

Treat your doggo with the best - and always make sure to spoil 'em of course! 

Here's a mini guide for when to treat your dog & with which!


Especially good for training include our:

- Grass fed beef liver treats

- Green tripe strips

- Croc jerky

- Both free range chicken jerky bags

For a good chew sesh:

- Furry (and drool-tastic) cow ears

- Aussie cow hoofs

- Furry goat tails (coming soon!)

- Bone marrow chews (best selling)

For a nice reward at the end of the day (shorter lasting):

- Golden chicken wing tips (best selling)

- Pork bully sticks (best selling)

- Our large (150g) bags of free range chicken jerky (hot tip!) have the BIGGEST (easily snappable) & best pieces for a great reward!