Natural. Ethical. Australian.

Hey! You've finally arrived! We bet you're looking only for the best, healthiest & affordable treatos for your pup right?

Well, you've come to the right place! We know that you've come for the treatos, so we'll make our story nice & short.

Wag N' Go started up as a small Brissy dog treato business invested in doggo health & affordable prices amidst the insane inflation going on in 2022.

We promise you that our prices are the best you will get for our highest standards of human-grade, free range, grass fed & (some) organic treato ranges.

Our treatos are special though, and yep we can see you rolling your eyes at us! Every dog food business ever says that right? "We're the best at..." Mmm, not us!

Wag N' Go Doggo Treats really are around to help you and your dog though! That. That is what we strive to be the best at. To be affordable in all our dog treato prices, bring the healthiest and most natural to your pup AND all while supporting a small business and the environment (we are committed to eco-friendly practices!)

So, with that all said and done (more here!), all we ask is for you to trust us. Trust us with your precious dog's health and wellbeing & we will do our absolute best and more for you. We will go above and beyond for you and your dog!


Australian made & all natural yummy dog treats for your pup - they won't be able to resist!

  • 100% Australian made and locally sourced!

    We ensure that every single one of our ingredients are locally sourced to support small businesses like us.

    Wag N Go Treats also pride ourselves on guaranteeing that we are locally made in Brisbane and all natural, making every dog and hard-working owner happy!

    Our Purpose 
  • 100% Natural, free range ingredients with ZERO nasties!

    One of our most important promises to you is ensuring that all of our treats and their ingredients are safe, human grade and biologically appropriate - no toxic nasties or preservatives!

    This means every one of our treats and ingredients are fresh and made on a weekly basis from locally purchased and home grown real foods.

    Our Purpose 
  • 100% Nutrient dense and premium treats!

    Now this is a big one!

    Our aim is to provide delicious treats pleasing all pups while also retaining as many nutrients as possible without the ton of preservatives included in numerous 'healthy treats'.

    At Wag N Go treats, we promise to go above and beyond for the health of your dog and create only the most natural, healthy and nutritious treats!

    Our Purpose