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Kong Signature Double Crunch Rope Tug & Fetch Toy - Medium

Kong Signature Double Crunch Rope Tug & Fetch Toy - Medium

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Kong's Signature Double Crunch Rope Tug & Fetch Toy is one of a kind! This is one of Kong's newest toy releases & is perfect for tug play and play between dogs. 

Kong's Signature Double Crunch Ropy Toy is:

  • Flexible, stretchy fabric (polyester) and a toy that makes a bunch of crunching and crinkling noises!
  • Its long length (81cm) makes play-time extra rewarding with tugging, thrashing, and fetching
  • Tube exterior allows for soft chewing & appropriate play behaviour 
  • Knots (3) in between the sock interior to encourage tugging engagement
  • Perfect size for tugging play between two dogs
  • 2 bendy PVC cylinders inside the sock exterior that makes an enticing crunching noise
  • Solid, but stretchy and lightweight toy able to be easily carried around by your pup
  • Designed for medium-sized dogs with light to moderate chewing and jaw strength
  • Bright red colour to stand out from all other toys! 
  • Remember to choose toys that are suitable for your dog, i.e. larger than your dog's mouth, a size that allows your pup to get their mouth around the toy, and suitable for your pup's chewing & playing style
  • No toy is indestructible - so please frequently inspect toys to look for any damage and replace toys once damaged or too worn
  • Interactive, fun toy, not a toy designed for constant chewing


PVC/vinyl interior, synthetic fabric & polyester exterior


81cm length (able to be stretched further), 4cm width


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