Welcome to the fam!

Welcome to the fam!

Our Story

Hey there and welcome furry friends!

I’m here, writing this post, to welcome you to Wag N Go Treats! Thank you for coming, we appreciate you!

First of all, I’d like to say, you’re doing a fantastic job with your four-legged families and trust me, we know how tough it can get sometimes - especially during puppyhood! With a new border collie puppy and 5-year-old greyhound, it was difficult in the beginning and with everything piling on top of each other such as vaccine schedules, vet appointments, bills, food choices, health and puppy school, it was most definitely overwhelming.

This is an important part of the reason why we decided to open Wag N Go Treats, to create natural and affordable dog treats without having to worry about where ingredients are coming from, toxic nasties or preservatives. You see, when heading off to popular pet stores or even having a look around the supermarket aisle for pets, we noticed a substantial amount of the treats where full to the brim with preservatives or unhealthy ingredients, while presenting as ‘healthy’ and being a ridiculous price! Further, when we did find the small section of natural treats, we found the majority of them were unreasonably expensive too.

This is when we finally chose to begin making and creating our own 100% natural treats. Shortly after, they were a major success, not even a meat or biscuit crumb left within a couple of days! It was incredible, so we started to experiment and try different, uniquely healthy creations, each new one being another hit. Therefore, we simply had no alternative but to share them with the rest of you and so we present our seven food creations that we will begin to sell for affordable prices: Golden Chicken Wing Tips, Croc Jerky, Kale, Parsley and Hemp Chicken, Beef Liver, Pork Bully Sticks, PB and Pumpkin Biscuits and Green Tripe Strips with many more coming soon! We hope your precious pups will enjoy our healthy and 100% natural, Aussie made treats as much as ours do and please do spread the word about our business!

Thank you for listening and supporting us here at Wag N Go Treats!

Shipping and Delivery

After receiving your order, we always aim to pack and send each order within 1-2 business days. However, during peak and especially busy business periods (i.e., Christmas), delays may occur ranging from 2-3 additional business days. Further, we will endeavour to let all customers know by adding a banner on our home page and sending out an email out to members and subscribers.

Nevertheless, whenever an order is one of urgency, please contact us and we will try our best to process the order as soon as possible!

Once an order is shipped, an email notification or SMS message will be sent to you containing a tracking number and an estimated delivery time frame.

For all orders, we provide a flat rate standard shipping with Australia Post for $8 and express shipping with Australia Post for $12.50. We offer free shipping for all orders over $99 in Australia.

All orders are sent from Brisbane, Australia and depending on where you are located, please allow from 7-10 business days to receive your order. If your order has not arrived after 10 business days, please contact us and we will contact Australia Post for information.

  • Metro areas in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne: allow 3-7 business days
  • Metro areas in Adelaide, Northern Territory, Hobart and Perth: allow 4-9 business days
  • All regional areas: allow 3-10 business days

Our Treats

One of our significantly important promises at Wag N Go Treats is that every single one of our treats made are healthy, natural, Aussie made, affordable and 100% transparent for everyone. This is what differentiates us from other dog treat businesses and of course the fact that we are a small, family-owned business that really do care about you and your families!

In the making of each of our treats, we ensure that we are following the relevant health and safety practices and using 100% human grade, biologically appropriate meats and ingredients.

Social Media

On our Instagram, @wagngo.treatsau, we will give out free sample packs and personalised discount codes to anyone who would like to help us out and sponsor us on their account. We would like to spread the awareness of our business to the dog community and especially gain your trust as a reputable and trustworthy small family business! 

We will also be posting on our Facebook page, Instagram and here, where to find us should we attend a couple of local markets or events, and special discount codes!

Thank You!

Therefore, with that all said and done, what are you waiting for? Go and get your first bag of our treats with a 5% discount for new subscribers! We hope that we will be worth your time, satisfy your pup's needs and go above and beyond to please both you and your dog.

Please contact us or let us know if we could make any improvements, if you have any suggestions or any issues and we will be more than happy to help.

Thank you for supporting a small, local and family-owned business and reading all this, we appreciate you! 

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